Workforce Development

Carna Resources Group is a neighborhood partnership corporation specializing in community engagement, entrepreneurship incubators, workforce, and quality-of-life development.   We bring capacity and agency to partnerships between neighborhood enterprises, private, academic, and government sectors in ways not feasible unilaterally.   Our cost-sharing partnerships fill opportunity and labiality gaps between entrepreneurial philanthropy, formal education, informal learning, meaningful careers, and quality-of-life towards agile neighborhood development.  Read More


PlexLearning Partnerships  

The Carna Research to Practice Partnerships offer cost-saving benefits including management capacity, proximal learning, and access to relevant technology.   Our PlexLearning partnerships network enables entrepreneurs and Shared Interest Communities groups to effectively participate in economic and quality-of-life development of their local neighborhood communities.   Technology and best practices are used as tools for navigating ebbs and flows from an interconnected global economy in ways local neighborhood communities view as important.   Read More 


Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Carna neighborhood programs integrate participants’ experiences, knowledge, and available skills into welcoming and affirming curriculum that help to protect against predatory agency, financial entrapment, marginalization, hostile prejudices and chronic hopelessness.   To this end, Carna Resources provides the cost-savings capacity for groups of individuals in ways not possible unliterally.   These programs enable people at different stages of life, career, and vocation to stay relevant, hopeful, and productively engaged in whatever situations they find themselves.  Read More