Education for life

Carna Resources manages lifelong delivery systems for Shared Interest Communities (SIC) of autonomous individuals to maximize privileges emerging technologies afford while minimizing side effects these technologies bring.   SICs coalesce around best practices that navigates ebbs and flows of our global marketplace for promoting what members view as important aspects of their lives. Learn more about joining or forming a local SIC.  Read More


Education as a journey 

An interconnected global economy is redefining the meanings of education (creation, transfer, and use of knowledge) in relation to delivery systems, governance, merit, and individual freedoms.   The redefinition makes education more a journey than a destination, and does not come with guaranteed privileges or status.   However, Carna Resources enables SIC members to use their education as tools for meritocracy which involves being engaged, rational, enterprising and well informed citizen.   Read More 


Education for growth

Sustainable development in a postindustrial era requires more systemic Open Data.   Carna Resources SIC services provide accessible delivery systems for productive Open Knowledge experiences.   In the wake of a global digital market economy, our systems enable seamless interaction across boundaries of formal education, informal learning, and purposeful vocations for dignified lives.  Read More