Neighborhood Development

Carna Resources Group is a business to business services provider.   We provide integrated services to small neighborhood community businesses for long-term partnerships with private, academic, and government sectors towards economic and quality-of-life development.   Our PlexLearning technology programs offers cost-sharing development capacity, purposeful engagements, career agility, enterprise back office support, reliability, and agency not available when operating alone.   Carna Resources Group converts neighborhood entrepreneurial philanthropy into sustainable,taxpaying enterprises with meaningful local community engagement.   Read More


PlexLearning Technology  

We help local neighborhood Shared Interest Community (SIC) groups maximize net benefits technology offers while minimizing risks new technology bring.   PlexLearning technology enables SICs to benefit from Research to Practice Partnerships that affirms what local neighborhood communities view as important.   SICs’ control over trusted neighborhood spaces with proximal learning and best practices help people think for themselves as they navigate ebbs and flows from new circumstances, changing markets, and competing interests.   These neighborhood spaces promote a necessary life-long culture of continuous purposeful learning to fully participate in our twenty-first century global-village society.   Read More 


Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Our entrepreneurial philanthropy management services are uniquely designed to meet the economic and quality-of-life needs of each neighborhood, or rural village, community.   Our special partnership with the Education for Development and Support Network Foundation ( integrates participants’ experiences into welcoming and affirming community development program activities that help to protect against predatory agency, financial entrapment, and chronic hopelessness.   These programs enable people at different stages of life, career, and vocation to stay relevant, hopeful, and purposefully engaged with their village or neighborhood community in whatever situations they find themselves.    Read More