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Who We Are

Carna Resources is an open education service provider.   We manage long-term personal and neighborhood development for small self-help enterprises.   Our managed networks afford governance, relevant education (creation, transfer, and use of knowledge) and agency to local small self-help enterprises.   Agency includes access to social capital, open knowledge tools, individualized services, and privileged benefits for navigating ebbs and flows of a complex globalized marketplace towards purposeful and dignified lives.

We define self-help enterprises as local Shared Interest Communities (SIC) of three to seven highly motivated individuals organized around self-initiated and measurable development objectives.   SICs bridge small but important personal quality of life gaps that collectively has significant impact on social, academic and economic development.   Our individualized managed services embolden SIC members to purposefully engage and collaborate with governments, businesses and civic-institutions to further their objectives.

Our mission is to provide SIC services that advance open-data applications and open knowledge sharing.   Our services bridge gaps, and marshal competing self-interests among: a piecemeal formal education sector; evolving affordances of open knowledge resources; an expanding financial sector; improving quality of informal learning; and personal ambitions for relevant lives.   We believe investments in building seamless open-data bridges for systemic engagement among competing self-interests will create transformative infrastructures for more diversity in ways of knowing and doing.

Benefits from building infrastructures to support diverse ways of knowing and doing include increase awareness, ownership, and beneficial use of intellectual property for sustainable socioeconomic development.   Our SICs afford members expanded capacity to: benefit from property derivatives; influence wide use of open-data under the General Public Licenses (GPL); encourage entrepreneurs from diverse sociocultural experiences to benefit from product related creative destruction; and most important to enjoy the many non-monetized social value product ownership brings.   We believe diversity in property ownership will expand ways of knowing and doing that are more beneficial to people than if such ownership was concentrated among a few.

We measure success based on effectiveness of our technology-rich programs to bridge important knowledge gaps and serve as scaffoldings particularly for chronic and working poor individuals.   Our integrated programs offer a PlexLearning framework for individuals to systemically control and coalesce around shared aspects of their lives in ways they view as important.   Our long-term systemic frameworks help individuals make sense of perceived disconnected and hopeless life experiences.

Our SIC knowledge frameworks also enable more mobility and practical collaborations with governments, businesses, charitable organizations, religious congregations, colleges, universities and civic-institutions.   Our Plexlearning frameworks reduce frictions and frustrations when navigating current piecemeal and disconnected education sector   For example, frameworks provide for more granular workforce development programs with built-in long-term individualized engagement for more accountability and transparency.   In addition, long-term use of familiar individualized SIC frameworks encourage ownership and indigenous entrepreneurships that is relevant to situations in which members find themselves.

Carna Resources is in the process of building, and to be guided by, an extraordinary diverse network of SICs.   We aim to attract customers, investors, partners, policy makers, researchers and managers with holistic interconnected visions of 21st century economic development as complex evolving systems.   People in our communities are motivated by a complex meanings of return on capital investment.   These meanings include desirable environments for family and neighbors to share purposeful and dignified lives.   Even more important, they recognize their interdependencies and that capital investments necessarily involve active participation in local neighborhood quality of life issues.

How we do it

We are currently running our pilot SIC network programs.   Carna Resources is investing in becoming the world’s leading SIC service provider.   To advance our goal we are provide free basic SIC accounts that will remain a key feature of our business model.   Three to seven motivated individuals, with at least one over 18 years old, are required to establish Carna Resources SIC accounts.   SIC members are enabled to initiate and maintain micro enterprises around individual and neighborhood development in ways they view as important.   The process of enabling members is centered around knowledge-banks with individualized Plexlearning curriculum, one-on-one mastery learning, managing a savings bank account, and regular face-to-face working meetings based on selected programs (neighborhood specialist, local enterprises, purposeful vocation, gateways to college, and professional certification) schedules.

There are user fees for services and programs beyond basic SIC accounts.   However, Carna Resources in collaboration with other Plexlearning partners work to keep our fees as accessible as possible.   Click here if you would like to learn more about Carna Resources pilot SIC network programs or give your feedback.