Neighborhood Development

Carna Resources Group is a business to business services provider.   We provide premium integrated services for micro businesses, knowledge economies, career management, and quality-of-life development.   Our integrated partnerships programs empower rural villages and engage neighborhood communities around equitable and sustainable business solutions that they view as important.   Carna Resources business partnerships make cost-sharing technologies, capacity dynamics, professional services, and enterprise back office support more accessible.   Our customized partnerships with private, academic, and government sectors fill important gaps between formal education and informal learning that remove barriers to meaningful and hopeful careers.   Read More


PlexLearning Partnerships  

PlexLearning partnerships allow local micro businesses to maximize net benefits technologies offer while minimizing risks these new technologies bring.   PlexLearning partnerships coalesce around trusted knowledge exchange and use of intelligent technologies as tools for serving people - not to enslave them.   PlexLearning enables deep duologues in trusted neighborhood business scaffolding spaces that allow entrepreneurs to repurpose limited resources into appropriate formats, and encourage proximal learning of best practices, that help people think for themselves as they navigate ebbs and flows from changing circumstances, new markets, and competing interests.   The PlexLearning culture of life-long, continuous, and purposeful learning in local trusted spaces energize economic activities, and fill quality of life development gaps among micro-businesses groups, in ways not possible when working separately.   Read More 


Research to Practice Partnerships

Our Research to Practice Partnerships (RPP) allow professionals with shared interest in urban neighborhood, and rural village, communities to bring timely, appropriate resources, trusted expertise, and at safe distance for economic and quality of life development.   RPPs integrate experiences, trust, and expectations of all stakeholder into welcoming and affirming long-term community development programs that help protect against predatory agencies, financial entrapment, and chronic hopelessness.   RPP PlexLearning programs enable people with shared interests in local communities to manage changes at different stages of life, career, and vocation by staying relevant, hopeful, and purposefully engaged in shaping governance policies, economic, and quality of life development notwithstanding disparate situations in which they find themselves.    Read More